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  • Address: Station Building, Corner of Camp and Shotover Street , Queenstown-Central
  • 0800 286 4958 / 0800 BUNGY JUMP
  • +64 3 450 1300

The Nevis Bungy and The Nevis Swing - Queenstown

Spectators are welcome to accompany the Bungy Jumper throughout the whole experience, including getting harnessed up and going out to the Bungy Pod… a very cool experience, even if Bungy Jumping isn’t your forte

The continent's highest bungy jump, in Queenstown. Spectacular views as you fall, and it's an awesome bus ride to the jump site, too. Combine with the Nevis Swing for maximum effect.

Want an outdoor adventure, beautiful scenery and extreme highs? The Nevis Bungy, 134m above the rugged Nevis River, combines all these elements into a mind-blowing and unforgettable event. With 8.5 seconds of falling, it's a breath taking ground rush like no other.

It's a gorgeous scenic drive to the highwire cable car, from where you'll jump, so try not to get too nervous as you approach your date with destiny, otherwise you're going to miss out on some amazing scenery along the way. This is the ultimate test for bungy fans, it doesn't get higher, harder, faster or more intense than this, and you'll definitely get bragging rights down the pub once you've conquered this monster.

And if the Nevis Bungy isn't enough to satisfy you, we have something else up our sleeve. The Nevis Swing:

The Nevis Swing is the World's Biggest Swing. With a 70m drop and a whopping 300m arc, you're sure to come up hearts racing and smiles beaming. Try it forwards, backwards, upside down or honeymooners style, as you shoot across the sky at speeds of up to 150kph. You'll be hanging 160m above the river, on a rope that's even longer than a rugby field. You can even choose how to be released - either let the crew sort you out, leave the decision to your (very good) friends, or choose to release yourself.

You will never experience anything in your life like the Nevis Combo, and any future or past bungy experiences will pale in comparison. This is hardcore bungy jumping.


The Nevis Bungy

Adult: $260, NZ Student (must have a valid NZ Student ID): $230, Spectator: $50

The prices include Bungy Jump, Certificate and Authentic Bungy Jumper T-shirt.

The Nevis Swing

Adult: $180, Tandem Adult: 160 (per person), Child: $130, Tandem Child: $110 (per person), NZ Student (must have a valid NZ Student ID): $150, Tandem Student: $150 (per person), Spectator: $50

The prices include The Nevis Swing, Certificate and Authentic Nevis Swing Cap.

Please visit The Nevis for bookings and latest price information.


Address: Station Building, Corner of Camp and Shotover Street , Queenstown View Larger Map