Queenstown For Kids

Family Fun Inspiration

Our guide to the best activities for kids in Queenstown

Queenstown is a multi-purpose, multi-faceted tourist destination.  Parents shouldn't be put off by the high-octane persona of the town which can, at times, seem as though it is aimed purely at young single people.  It's equally as accessible for families with children of all ages.   

Here's our guide to the best activites for kids in Queenstown.

1.  Rafting Fun For Kids

You might be forgiven for thinking that the adrenalin activities Queenstown is so famous for are exclusively for adults but this is definitely not the case.  Kids are able to white water rafting along with the best of the older generations and quite often, more fearlessly.  There are always minimum ages so do check with each provider but this is great news for adventurous families.
2.  Adventure Fun For Kids

There are some models of adventure tourism which are aimed at the whole family, as opposed to watching each other jump out of or off something, rather it can be an inclusive experience in which you later share the memories.  Ziptrek EcotoursOff Road Quad Biking and various jet boating companies provide the thrills of ziplining, white water, powerful machines, and fast speeds in a safety-conscious, family-friendly environment.

3.  Riverboarding

If you're intrigued by the lesser-known sport of river surfing, it takes place on the lush Kawarau River in a stunning tree-lined gorge and involves 'surfing' river waves, riding whirlpools and optional rock jumping.  Children over the age of 8 are welcome on Riverboarding trips so the whole family can get physical, get wet and get a real taste of adventure.

4.  Segway Tour For kids

If adventure tourism doesn't suit your family's needs, a recommended activity is taking a Segway On Q guided tour.  The motorised transporters are fun for kids to operate and as a group you can take a more sedate family experience around the most beautiful parts of Queenstown.

5.  Attractions For Kids:

The Kiwi Birdlife Park is situated right at the foot of the Gondola and provides a wildlife fix for the kids.  Conservation shows, Kiwi bird feeding and Tuatara encounters should keep the family busy for several hours.

The Skyline Gondola has the right mix of excitement and scenery for the whole family.  Each pod has plenty of viewing space so as you go all the way up you can watch the town get smaller and smaller behind you.  At the top there is plenty to see and do, from the panoramic views to riding the Luge - a fun activity and tends to bring out the big kids in mum and dad.

6.  Mini-Golf

Head up to Brecon Street and have a go at Queenstown Mini-Golf during your visit to Queenstown.  The 18 hole course offers a challenging and fun-filled experience for all ages to play.   The central location enjoys lovely views of Queenstown that add to the experience.

7.  Kingpin

Kingpin offers the ultimate family experience under one roof with ten pin bowling lanes, arcade, virtual reality games, escape rooms, karaoke rooms, table tennis, billiards, cocktails and corporate functions.  Along with fun activities there are a few themed restaurants to enjoy.  It's a great place to head to if it's raining!

8.  Queenstown Ice Arena

If you're looking for an awesome day out that's just a little bit different, slide on down to the Queenstown Ice Arena.  The arena is located in the Queenstown Gardens, just a short hop from the centre of town.  Excellent facilities with cafe, lounge, big screen TV. Along with skating, enjoy the ice bumper cars.  Family passes available.

Free Fun For Kids

Frisbee Golf is completely free (if you don't have your own frisbees you can hire these from outdoors shops or check with your hotel/backpackers to see if they have some you can borrow) and it takes place in Queenstown Gardens.  Get competitive with each other and see who can score the highest as you enjoy the fresh air, stunning views and each other's company.

The numerous walking tracks of Queenstown should satisfy active families with unrivalled opportunities to get out into the great outdoors for absolutely free.  Infants can go in hiking backpacks which can be hired from many of the outdoors shops on Shotover Street.

If your children are too big to go on your back but too small to tackle the tougher terrain, there are plenty of short walks under an hour around Queenstown Gardens, on the Frankton Track and along the way to Glenorchy or in Arrowtown.  Kids will take great pleasure in skimming stones across the lake, exploring the many jetties or scrambling up rocks.