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Electric Bike Fun On The Queenstown Trail

We like to cycle, not for exercise but as a fun and relaxing way to explore an area.  Although, burning off some calories is a welcome bonus.   With no parking to worry about, or time pressure concerns, the fun of touring an area on 2 wheels is always appealing. 
Now, we’ve cycled the 150km Otago Rail Trail, all around Wanaka and of course the Queenstown Trail.  And there is one recurring theme.  The difference in fitness levels and cycling ability, always leads to some frustration for the slower cyclist having to always to speed up, or the faster cyclist having to slow down.
The hiring of an eBike helps address this minor issue.  With the various levels of electric power assistance, both cyclists' speed can now be aligned to appreciate the unfolding scenery at the same time!   It also means more ground can be covered with less effort, which frees up more time for enjoyable food and drink stops

The Queenstown Trail is the perfect route to explore on eBikes (or standard bikes) with a great network of trails spanning over 130kms.  The trail begins on the edge of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown and winds its way to the wine growing region of Gibbston, returning via historic Arrowtown and the beauty of Lake Hayes.  It’s a feast on the eyes as you pass lakes, mountains, rivers, historic bridges and spectacular views.
The trail is divided into various sections so you can ride as much or as little as you want.  Some of the popular trails include:
  • Twin Rivers Trail - Follow the banks of the Kawarau River
  • Arrowtown to Gibbston Trail - Depart from a historic gold town to the wineries of Gibbston
  • Jacks Point Trail - Leave Kelvin Heights Peninsula to the spectacular mountain view of Jacks Point
  • Lower Shotover Trail - A fun, short route to the historic Lower Shotover Bridge  
  • Lake Hayes Trail - A loop track around the beauty of Lake Hayes
  • Frankton & Kelvin Peninsula Trail - A lovely trail around parts of Lake Wakatipu
Choosing Your E-Bike
Going Blue offer electric bicycles that are equally suited for cross country or riding around town.  For the ultimate convenience, they come to you so you don’t have to walk or drive anywhere to pick up your bikes.  They’ll not only drop-off your bikes and help plan your route, but they’ll also collect you. So, if after a long lunch at a winery you don’t feel like getting back on the trail, no problems, they’ll pick you up.
You can hire e-bikes for half or full days.  They also have electric scooters and non-electric mountain bikes for hire.   Visit Going Blue for more information and bookings.  

More Info:

Our Queenstown Trail Guide provides a summary of each section.  You can also check out the interactive ‘Official Trail Map’ to work out your routes and distances. 

Queenstown Experiences:

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Photo Credits:  Courtesy of Going Blue