Best Museums and Galleries in Queenstown

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Queenstown team

Perhaps not that well known for its culture, there are still plenty of Queenstown Museums & Galleries to while away a few cerebral hours. Learn about this area's fascinating gold mining history, and discover what today's artists are up to.  

Museums & Galleries in Queenstown are home to some very well respected artists and exhibitions, so it's worth exploring, to see just how the local landscape still inspires people today. In the town centre, you'll find Queenstown Fine Art Gallery and Central Art Galleries, both specialising in New Zealand artists, and worth investigating if you're after an original souvenir. Vesta is an intriguing mix of museum, cafe and design space, with always something different to see. Artbay is a gallery inside the famous Mountaineer Building, with some innovative paintings and sculptures.   Smaller boutique galleries like Ivan Clark, and Milford Galleries offer more individual pieces. 

The most fascinating museum in the area is the Lakes District Museum in Arrowtown. Here, you'll find out all about Queenstown's old mining heritage, the Chinese community, and the development of New Zealand's railways. Arrowtown also has two or three boutique art galleries.