Pioneer Park
  • Pioneer Park

  • Address: Kenmare Street, Alexandra , Alexandra

Pioneer Park - Queenstown

Pioneer Park hosts the Blossom Festival, an annual event held for 17 days each September to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

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Pioneer Park is located in the middle of Alexandra. The park includes the Glad McArthur gardens, a playground area, public tennis courts and the Central Stories Museum. The gardens are a welcoming spot for locals and visitors to enjoy lunch and admire the planting.

Formally known as The Recreation Ground, it was renamed Pioneer Park in honour of the pioneer gold miners of the early 1860's. As you walk into the garden entrance, you can see two large trees, Deodar Cedar and the Atlas Cedar, that are almost certainly two of the eighty trees and shrubs that were planted in the park back on the 28th August, 1903. The day was celebrated as a public holiday in Alexandra with the business community, citizens and children encouraged to assist with the planting. 

Pioneer Park is also Central Otago's main outdoor events venue, hosting events such as the Blossom Festival and an annual circus.


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