Best Car Rentals in Queenstown

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Queenstown team

Queenstown Car Rentals are quick and easy, with most companies being based at Queenstown International Airport. You can hire functional family favourites, hardy 4WDs, or classy and stylish sports cars.  

Queenstown Car Rentals are a mix of the famous, national brands, and smaller, local companies, which tend to be more personal. Depending on what car you're after, most companies will tailor terms and conditions to suit you, and price obviously depends on season.   If you're flying into Queenstown, there are several rental companies at the terminal and a number in the town centre. Obviously, it's much cheaper to pre-book vehicles instead of hiring on a whim (especially at airports) but if you shop around, there are deals to be had, particularly off-season.   Minimum age for hiring a car in New Zealand is usually 21, but some companies allow 18+ while others insist on 25+. Check when booking.