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Guided Walks New Zealand - Queenstown

The You Vs Wild experience is a fun and insightful way to know how you can live off the land. Your guide will teach you some of the skills needed to survive in the beautiful and unforgiving wilderness.

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Professional, educational and simply beautiful guided walks around the Queenstown 'back country'. Half day or full day excursions, often into areas only permitted to you and your group.

Guided Nature Walks is dedicated to giving each walker a unique, hands-on experience whilst exploring the breathtaking wild country around Queenstown. Visitors can choose between privately-guided walks, or joining a small group for half and full day expeditions. The benefit of choosing Guided Nature Walks , is that they're the only company permitted to take you "off track" in the National Park, so you're guaranteed to see things that nobody else can.

Half Day Walks:

Lakeshore, Forest & Bird will show you the excellent flora and fauna around the Queenstown area. Marvel at the lakes and mountains, and learn about how the Maori and the later European settlers used the local plants for medicinal and culinary purposes.

The Miner's Forest Retreat leads you through tranquil beech forests, crisp mountain streams and lush meadows. Your guide will really bring the past to life with some amazing stories of the area's gold-mining era.

Full Day Walks:

Famous Routeburn Track leads you through Mount Aspiring National Park. Climb million-years old trails, walk through magical forests, over rushing rivers, then descend into the valleys below. It's a spectacular 16km hike, one of New Zealand's natural wonders, and you get to walk on long forgotten Maori greenstone trails.

Aspiring Wilderness Experience whizzes you 35km up the Dart River on a state of the art jet boat, into Mount Aspiring National Park, from where you'll disembark and go walking through native forest open exclusively to this company. Enjoy lunch in crystal clear silence, then let your guide spoil you with a visit to a magical cave.

The Rob Roy Glacier is a 10km walk through the Rob Roy Gorge and the views will astound you. During lunch, a usual visitor is the Kea, the only Alpine parrot in the world, & on a warm day it's not unusual to see crashing ice falls, from the glacier.

Heli Hikes:

Heli Hikes give you the freedom of getting high up into the back country, to places you just can't reach by foot. Get up close and personal with the Remarkable Mountains, or combine a trip into the high country with a helicopter ride back over the ridges and valleys and down to the sea before being whisked off again into the Humboldt Mountains for lunch.

Overnight Camping:

This private camping trip in the Mount Aspiring National Park offers a gradual climb through a 130 million year old magical world of ferns, moss, lichens and beech forest. You'll then venture off trail into the North branch to make camp. On your return the next day, experience the long forgotten paths of the Maori, as you travel along finding new enchantment around every corner, where native birds abound.


For the ultimate guided walk, go snowshoeing in the Queenstown winter. Experienced guides provide you with hi-tech footwear which enables you to walk across the winter wilderness for spectacular, glacial views. Half day, full day and overnight trips are available.

Pricing: (Private rate is for a group of 4 people)

Lakeshore, Forest & Bird - Group: Adult: $109, Child: $69 / Private: Adult: $199, Child: $199
Miners Trail - Group: Adult: $109, Child: $69 / Private: Adult: $199, Child: $199
Famous Routeburn - Group: Adult: $209, Child: $140 / Private: Adult: $1250, (Extra 3 and above: $209 per person)
Aspiring Wildnerness Experience - Group: Adult: $399, Child:$285 / Private: Adult: $2390 (Extra 3 and above: $399 per person)
Rob Roy Glacier - Private: $2190 (Extra 3 and above: $209 per person)
Remarkables Half Day Heli - Adult: $535 (Extra 3 and above: $390 per person)
Mountains Sea and Sand Heli - Adult: $1945 (Extra 3 and above: $390 per person)
Camping Overnight - Adult: $840

For bookings please visit Guided Nature Walks or call +64 3 442 7126.

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